The Title Card for The Wizard in Armor vs Sonic and Naruto


The Wizard in Armor Vs. Sonic & Naruto is a future story to be written by Dracoknight545. It's released was originally planned for Dec 30th, but is set back and set for March 2011


A few weeks after Natsu, Lucy and Happy joined Team Sonic, The gang decides to celebrate it and go for a trip to hot springs. Unfortunatly, Natsu recieves a letter for Mirjane, a friend of Natsu and Lucy who works at Fairy Tail, warning them of Erza, a s-class wizard coming to evalute Team Sonic to see if it's good enough to have Natsu, Happy and Lucy on their team.

So Sonic decides to hold off the trip so they can take care of Erza first, then they can go to the hot springs. While the others unpack their bags, Naruto and Sonic tried to figure out how to beat Erza.

Then the front door is busted down and two swords are shot at Sonic and Naruto and impaling them, but the swords killed two shadow clones set by Sonic and Naruto, because Neji warned Sonic and Naruto that Erza has arrived. A stranged red-hair women in armor enter and she comments how smart Sonic and Naruto were to trick her with clones, and Sonic and Naruto appeared behind her. Naruto suggests that they should take this outside to the training ground, she tells them that her name is Erza, the one that was supposed to test the Team. Once outside on the snow cover training ground, Sonic and Naruto and Erza prep to fight each other (two-on-one). Unfortunatly Naruto and Sonic's attacks bearly made a mark on her, Naruto decides to use the Rasenshuriken with Sonic's RasenSonic Boom at the same. Even that didn't hurt Erza, but left her with a few scratchs on her armor. TBA


  • This marks the first appearance of Naruto and Sonic's combinaton jutsu, "Rasen-Sonic Boom and Erza in the series
  • This takes place after either the "Hidan and Kakazu Arc" or "The Hokage Summit Arc"
  • Mirajane's second appearnace since Sonic's Search For Fairy Tail
  • Erza is made a honoray memeber of Team Sonic
  • Lucario is an old friend of Erza
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