The 7D

The 7D are the main characters of the TV show, The 7D.

Doc (voiced by Bill Farmer) is the leader who invents things.

Grumpy (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is an old sourpuss who wears a flowerpot on his head.

Happy (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is the one who is happy all day long and enjoys singing songs.

Bashful (voiced by Billy West) is the very shy and sweet one.

Sleepy (voiced by Stephen Stanton) likes to spend his days sleeping and even works in his sleep.

Sneezy (voiced by Scott Menville) has a runny nose and sneezes very big and powerful.

Dopey (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is the silent one who only whistles, but never speaks.


  • Sonic will meet The 7D in Sonic Storm Adventures of The 7D. At the end, The 7D will join Sonic's team.
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