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Tails' Sonic's best friend

Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic's best friends and sidekick in the Sonic series


Tails for his young age is quite smart. He is able to make many devices and gear to help Sonic as Sonic tries to stop Dr. Robotnik. Also, He has the ability to fly with his two tails. Tails' role in The Sonic Adventure Series is apparently the same as in the game, but with more active than usual.

Other versions of Tails

Through The Sonic Adventure Series, There'll be diferent versions of Tails that maybe appear

Sonic's Adventures of Epic Mickey

In Sonic's Adventures of Epic Mickey, Oswald and Manic had built an animatronic version of Tails. This animatronic verion is very similar to the real Tails that exist outside of The Wasteland. Animatronic Tails was the assitant to The Mad Doctor before the Thinner accident. Once, Mickey and Sonic defeat the Phatom Blot, Tails is now cheif scientist along with this new assistant of wasteland version of Roger Rabbit


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