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  1. The Beast Awakens/Sonic Gets Stuck in the Middle
  2. On the Run/Beasted
  3. To Spagonia!/Stimpy and Georgie Get Jammed in the 90's
  4. Rescue Prof. Pickle/Tails's Important Hat
  5. Restoring the 1st Emerald/Outta Furryland
  6. Amy is Here, New Name and It's Dylan
  7. Restoring the 2nd Emerald
  8. Restoring the 3rd Emerald
  9. A Little Down Town Trip Back to New York/In the Down Under
  10. A Fight with Eggman/Bandit Nabbit
  11. Meeting Johnny Test/Revenge of Test
  12. A Heart Full of Love/Brainkabbobbled
  13. Restoring the 4th Emerald
  14. Bludworth's A Ghost!/Spandexed
  15. Visting Hotel Transylvania/Slappy's Revenge
  16. Restoring the 5th Emerald
  17. Restoring the 6th Emerald
  18. Staying at Nowhere, Kanses/Logged In, Goin' Hot
  19. Chip's Memory/The 3 Cats of Bakersfield
  20. Old Farmer Couple, Daughter of a Vampire, Pines Twins and One True Love Kidnapped, Orochi Rampage!
  21. Ma Joins the Rescue Team/WaffQuid
  22. Going to EggmanLand, Mavis Been Rescued and Restoring the 7th Emerald
  23. Fighting EggDragon, Dipper and Mabel Been Rescued
  24. Ma Leads the Way, Nancy Been Rescued and Dark Gaia Appeares
  25. Werehog's Last Image
  26. Chip's True Form
  27. Super Sage Mode, Sonic vs. Pure Dark Gaia, Muriel and Eustace Been Rescued
  28. Goodbye, My Friend


  • Sam Lawton is mention million times
  • The theme song is a remix of Marvin's Chosen One and a updated version of the Sonic Unleashed Opening.
  • Sonic and Nancy kissed for the third time while Sonic is a Werehog in EP101A.
    • They first kissed in Sonic's Final Destination 5.
    • They second kissed in Sonic the Hedgehog meets Felix the Cat
  • Johnny Test, Dukey, and Susan and Mary Test join the team, and soon become enemies in 118A.
  • This is the first appearance of Dipper and Mabel Pines who are niece and nephew of Molly Harper because their mother is Molly's sister.
  • The show was renewed for Season 2, It will premeire Fall 2016.


    • Apotos
    • Spagonia
    • Jungle Island (Super Monkey Balls)
    • Nightopia (NIGHTS)
    • Mexico (Samba de Amigo)
    • Space Channel 5  (Space Channel 5)
    • Morning Land (Billy Hatcher)
    • Radiant Gardan (Kingdom Hearts)
    • North Bay, New York (Final Destination 5)
    • Eggmanland
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