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  1. The Beast Awakens
  2. On the Run
  3. To Spagonia!
  4. Restoring the Chaos Emeralds
  5. A Little Down Town Trip Back to New York
  6. A Fight with Eggman
  7. A Heart Full of Love
  8. Bludworth's A Ghost!
  9. Staying at Nowhere, Kanses
  10. Chip's Memory
  11. Old Farmer Couple and One True Love Kidnapped, Orochi Rampage!
  12. A Garbage Protected Suit for Sonic
  13. Ma Joins the Rescue Team
  14. Going to EggmanLand
  15. Fighting EggDragon
  16. Ma Leads the Way, Nancy Been Rescued and Dark Gaia Appeares
  17. Werehog's Last Image
  18. Chip's True Form
  19. Super Sage Mode, Sonic vs. Pure Dark Gaia, Muriel and Eustace Been Rescued
  20. Goodbye, My Friend


  • Sam Lawton is mention million times
  • Cameron has uploaded a Sonic Unleashed Opening on Youtube
  • Sonic and Nancy kissed for the third time while Sonic is a Werehog
    • They first kissed in Sonic's Final Destination 5.
    • They second kissed in Sonic the Hedgehog meets Felix the Cat
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