Sonic The Hedgehog & The Tower of Heaven is the second Sonic/Fairy Tail crossover to be made by Dracoknight545


Naruto wants to take Hinata to somewhere for some relaxion before their wedding. But Lady Tsunade wants Naruto to bring his friends along on the trip (The downpoints of being training by a Pervert). The gang takes vacation at the popular Akane Resort, Erza and Lucario's dark past comes back to haunt them when a few of their old friends kidnap her along with Lucario and plan to making them a sacrifice needed to revive the most powerful Dark Mage in history, Zeref,who once worked with Madara Uchiha Now, Team Sonic and friends must find a way to rescue them and Erza, Lucario and Grovyle must come to terms with fighting the man whom was once of of their closest friends.


  • Guest starring: Sora, Kairi, Riku, Goofy, Donald, Nancy, Molly Harper the Hedgehog, Silver the hedgehog, Kakashi, Anko, Teams 7, 8, and Gai, The ARMPIT Platoon, Momoka, The Hinata Family (Not Hyuuga), Hanabi, Kushina
  • Difference from the original Fairy Tail is that Lucy gets free tickets from Loke as a return for saving his life
  • It was originally planned that Naruto had won a ramen contest, the ones that you find a special code or pharase
  • Sam Lawton is mention 4 times
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