Sonic Storm Adventures of Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles is first Naruto game movie to be done by Dragonstorm545 on DeviantArt and


The story takes place before the Itachi Pursuit Arc, and seems to take place shortly after its beginning. Naruto's half of the story is more original to the game, and revolves around a small squad of Konohagakure ninja and Team Sonic attempting to stop Kuroma, one of the last members of the ancient Dragon Gods, from unleashing and taking the power of the Genryū, five eternal dragons originally sealed in Mount Koryū, for revenge.

To do so, Naruto must slay each Genryū with the ancient Dragon Blade, given to him by Kuroma's younger sister, Akari. For Sasuke's half of the story, on the other hand, he has already formed Hebi by the time the story begins, in order to hunt down and kill Itachi. However, his efforts are hindered by Akatsuki's attempts to capture the Genryū that Kuroma has summoned for their own purposes. Throughout the story, the player either plays as Naruto or Sasuke along their journey, utilizing their respective blades and team members' abilities to fight through various levels.


  • Despite bad review, DragonStorm likes this game even if the game is bad
  • Guest Stars: Unknown at the time
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