Sonic Storm Adventures of Naruto Shippuden


Sonic Storm Adventures of Naruto Shippuden Tv Series is a future project, to be directed by Dracoknight545 and co-directed by Cooperraymer. It's set to premire in Feburary 2012


The story revolved mainly around Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno's new adventures, and their search for Sasuke Uchiha after he defected from Konoha in order to gain Orochimaru's power along with help of Sonic the hedgehog and friends. The plot later includes new major characters, such as Sai and Yamato. The plot also showed a more active Akatsuki and Malefincent in their quest to obtain all the tailed beasts and Sonic's Orochi.

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Sonic and friends were sent on a mission for a friend of King Mickey. Unforunatly, Daffy takes control of the gummi-ship seperating Team Sonic (Sonic, Daffy, Tails, Shadow, Oswald, Aqua, Conan, Koyuki, Knuckles, Dororo and Amaterasu) on a strange world. Sonic ends intrupting Naruto and Jiraya's converstation; Sonic learns the Jiraya knew about other world and has meet King Mickey before Sonic or his friends came to their world. When they arrive to a nearby town, Sonic and Naruto find Tails and Oswald as they try to find the parts they need for space travel but are unsuccessful. TBA

Rescue Kazekage Arc

Chapter 1: Homecoming

Info TBA

Chapter 2: The Bell Test

Info TBA

Chapter 3: Kazekage vs. Deidara

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Chapter 4: Team Kakashi & Team Sonic Deployed

Info TBA

Chapter 5: Shadow, Lucario, Aqua meet Team Guy

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  • This takes before Team Sonic moves into Konoha and explains how they decided to stay in Konoha, and during several arcs of the series. Dracoknight's Team members are sent to premire as member during the series after different arcs.
  • Guest Starring
    • Heroes: King Mickey, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Keroro and ARMPIT, Silver The Hedgehog, Espio The Chameleon, Manic The Hedgehog, Sonia The Hedgehog, Jet The Hawk, Noah The Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Phineas and Ferb, Perry The Platypus, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Rayman.
    • Villians: Pete, Malefincent, Dr. Eggman, Scrath, Grounder, Bowser, Mistress Nine, Bowser Jr.
  • Some of the chapter will be based on both the anime and manga series, and a few were based off the games.
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