The Poster/Cover for Sonic Generation (Dracoknight Version)


Sonic Generation (Dracoknight Version) is done by Dracoknight and was released on Oct 27, 2011.


It's Sonic's birthday, and everyone is having fun. Until a large mechincal-like shadow monster attacks and sucks everyone in sending them to different periods of Sonic's life time. Sonic meets up with his classic form and fight agianst the Time Eater along with the help of the friends from both present and past.


  1. Birthday Crash
  2. The Chemical Plant
  3. Dueling Metal, Savng our friends
  4. DeathEgg Returns, Past Clashes
  5. Return to MickeyJunk Mountain
  6. Speed Highways and Escape the City
  7. Back to New York, Sonic vs. Peter
  8. Seahill Palaces and Crisis in The City
  9. Raging Chaos, Gambunta vs Chaos
  10. Traversing Town through a Rooftop Run
  11. Caverns of Oni island and The Kyubi
  12. Mad Hatter and Wisps
  13. Egg Dragoon, Ninetails and Orochi's Power Unleashed
  14. Sonic, and Naruto vs The Masked Figure
  15. Time Eater True Form
  16. Super Sage Mode
  17. Good Bye, Have a Fun Future


  • Despite being on the cover, Tom and Jerry are the only characters that don't appear in the story
  • Also, Naruto meeting himself, along when Sakura meets her pastself is reference to Naruto: Ninja Storm Generations
  • Sonic and Nancy try to kiss, but Amy interupts them
    • Sonic and Nancy first kissed in Sonic's Final Destination 5
  • Hinata faints two times thorugh out the story
    • The fainting is done by her younger-self, when she sees the modern Naruto and she see Naruto and Modern Hinata holding hands, when past Naruto, Sonic, Tails, Sakura and Hinata
  • Other characters in the Sonic Storm Series are referenced thorugh out the story.
  • Past Event from The Sonic games and Sonic Storm Adventure Series are made like the Events on MickeyJunk Moutain or in The Land of Snow.
  • This is the first time we see Nancy's mother, Gwen the Hedgehog, as a ghost, and learn who killed her when Nancy was young
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