Sonic's New Pet will be written by Dracoknight in 2012 on DeviantArt


While Naruto and Hinata are away on their honeymoon, Sonic decides to spend time roaming the desert between Konoha and Sun. While running, he comes across a strange-looking egg. Sonic decides to bring it back to the other for breakfeast. Before Naruto's mom, Kushina cracks it, the egg beings to crack by itself. Revealing a small yellow animal with baggy skin that keeps on dropping down to it's ankles and cries out Scraggy. Sonic decides to keep it as a pet than eating it and calls it Scraggy. Scraggy becomes very attached to Sonic and starts to fight with anyone that gets near Sonic by headbutting them. Sonic manages to tell Scraggy to let other near him since they're not only Sonic's friends and want to be friends with Scraggy as well.


  • This after Naruto and Hinata's Wedding Story
  • Scraggy is Dracoknight's second favorite Unova Pokemon next to MandiBuzz
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