Sonic's Adventures of Grimm Fairy Tales will be directed by Dracoknight545 and co-directed by various people like BowserMovies1988. Set to premire in Winter 2011


One day, Sonic and his friends were cleaning out the basement of The Disney Castle. Then, Our heroes came across and on oldbook called "Grimm Fairy Tales", which had barely anything in it expect an title page, a table of content and six pages after it. Suddenly Sonic and friend were transportd into the book and causing them to be seperated through out the book. Now Sonic must find his friends as e tries to figure out who is responsible for the book's destruction.


  • This movie's format is similar to Kickassia as it is broken int several part for the stories
  • Some of the chapters will have a guest star
  • The first 12 episodes or chapters will be for Sonic's quest to recover his friends

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