Ricky the Hedgehog

Ricky is the Hedgehog who Wants a Piece of Metal at Metal Sonic.


Ricky's Parents has been Killed by Metal Sonic, Ricky wants Revenge on that Metal Creep who Killed His Parents, But Sonic Told Him that Revenge doesn't Solve anything, So He Changed and He Made his Vow to Make Sure to Avenge his Parents.


He is Voiced by Ryan Drummond

His Animal Mode is Voiced by Dave Fennoy


Skillet - Hero (Main Theme)

Skillet - Monster (Animal Mode Transformation Theme)


Super Form - Like Sonic, Shadow, Thomas, and Molly When He Uses the Chaos Emeralds

Animal Mode - When He's Not in his Normal Self, He Goes into His Animal Self and Tries to Hunt and Maybe Kill for Food.


Ricky's Allergic to Broccoli.  

Ricky's a Professional Stealth Expert.  

Ricky is very quiet when he meets people.  

Ricky, Like Sonic, Has a Huge Rivalry Against Metal Sonic.  

Ricky Loves to Have Fun, Be With Friends, and Make Jokes to Make His Friends Laugh.  

Ricky has Friendly Rivalries with Knuckles the Echinda and Thomas the Hedgehog.  

Ricky, Unlike Sakura, Shadow, and Thomas, He Likes Daffy Duck.  

He is Amanda's Love Interest.

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