Return to MikceyJunk Mountain, Kushina's will is the fifth chapter in Sonic Generations. It's set to premire in Mid-Januray of 2012.


Both Past and Modern Sonic and Naruto find a strange moutain that is made out of Old Mikcey Mouse object like Video games, toys and phones. There they encounter Mickey, Gremlin Gus and Naruto's Mother Kushina at the summit of the mountain, where Sonic and Naruto face the The Mad Doctor in his Thinner Machine. With the combination of both past and present Sonic and Naruto's rasagen, they manage to destory the Mad Doctor's machine but the Mad Doctor is kidnapped by the Time Eater.

Afterward our heroes run in a person in a black robe, who reveals herself as Xion. She tells Sonic and Naruto that someone that they know is behind the Time Eater besides the Mad Doctor. How our heroes must find out who is in charge and stop while restoring the worlds in the white limbo.

Character that appear in this chapter

  • Past & Modern Sonic
  • Past & Modern Naruto
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Xion
  • Gremlin Gus
  • Kushina


  • Past Naruto learns that he has a mother
  • One of two mysterious people is revealed
  • The Mad Doctor is somehow apart of some kind of plan
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