This page is made for the relationships between characters in The Sonic Storm Adventures Series either being friends or couples

Dracoknight's Team Sonic

Cooperaymer's Team Sonic

Cameron33268110's Team

Tigerman531's team

  • Sonic's Relationships
  • Tails' Relationships
  • Cosmo's Relationships
  • Shadow's Relationships
  • Gex's Relationships
  • Takuya's Relationships
  • Koji's Relationships
  • J.P.'s Relationships
  • Zoe's Relationships
  • Tommy's Relationships
  • Koichi's Relationships
  • Bokomon's Relationships
  • Neemon's Relationships
  • Tibbs' Relationships
  • Chip's Relationships
  • Yacker's Relationships
  • Static Shock's Relationships
  • Gear's Relationships
  • Wolverine's Relationships


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