This is the chapter of Sonic Generations written by Dracoknight545 aka Dragonstorm545. Unkown date of release


Past and Modern Sonics and Naruto find that they're in a ruin-like city. After a bit of exploring, a giant demon like creature called Perfect Chaos appeared and began to attack them. Modern Sonic get an idea since the water around is fresh and not salty, Sonic asked if either Past or Modern Naruto to try the summon jutsu. Without hastiation, Modern Naruto summons Gamabunta who wasn't in a good mood but after making a deal that Naruto will give him some sake after they return home.... TBA


  • Past Sonic
  • Modern Sonic
  • Past Naruto
  • Modern Sonic
  • Perfect Chaos
  • Gamabunta
  • Modern Hinata
  • Past Hinata
  • Oswald
  • Kushina
  • Past Tails
  • Modern Tails
  • Past Sakura
  • Modern Sakura


  • The first time Gamabunta appears in Sonic Generations
  • Both Hinatas faint after Gamabunta makes a certain comment about having the Past Naruto along with Modern Naruto on his head
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