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Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb are part of the cooperraymer Team and two of the main characters in the Sonic Storm Adventure Series. They are the members of the team who build inventions, sort of similar to what Tails Prower does.

The Brothers

Phineas Flynn-Fletcher is the fun-loving, naive, selfless, intelligent, and energetic brother in this duo. He is extremely smart, creative, and persistent, that lets him build extremely large inventions with his brother, Ferb Fletcher. His hospitality often affects his plans. One of his main objectives is to avoid boredom by finding something new and fun to do with his friends every day.

Ferb Fletcher is the British, quiet, courageous, clever brother in this duo. Though Ferb is quiet almost all the time, he is not that shy like anyone would assume. Like Phineas, one of his main abjectives is to avoid boredom and find something new to do with his brother and friends. Ferb is a polyglot, which means he can speak different languages, including human, alien, animal, etc. which can really help the team.

Inventions used for battle

Baseball Launcher- This invention is one Phineas and Ferb mainly use. This invention shoots baseball's at their enemies. This is Phineas Fynn-Fletcher's favorite weapon.

Anti-Gravity Ray- This invention allows Phineas and Ferb to pick up light-weight objects. It is also helpful to pick up enemies and toss them. This is Ferb Fletcher's favorite weapon.

Carbonator- This invention allows Phineas and Ferb to spray Soda into their enemies. Flavors come in Orange, Milk, Grape and Lemon-Lime. This is (Agent P) Perry The Platypus' favorite weapon.

Ninja Glove- This invention allows Phineas and Ferb to climb walls like a ninja. It also shoots out sticky sap at their enemies that makes them dizzy do to the nauseous smell.

Digital Hacker- This invention allows Phineas and Ferb to hack into systems that help them enter areas that need to be hacked. It also allows them to shoot an electrical feedback loop that zaps their enemies. It also has 4MB of flash memory for their favorite MP3 tunes. This is The Resisitance Phineas' (2nd Dimension Phineas) Favorite weapon.

OWCA Beacon- This invention creates a dimensional tunnel that can transport one OWCA Agent to Help Phineas and Ferb. This is The Resistance Ferb's (2nd Dimension Ferb) favorite weapon.


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