Phineas Flynn-Fletcher

Phineas Flynn-Fletcher can be naive at times, but on the other hand, he has some very close relationships.

Close Relationships

This is a list of Phineas' close relationships that he has made in the Sonic Storm Adventure Series.


Ferb is not only Phineas' brother, but his best friend. Everyday, Phineas hangs out with Ferb figuring out what they're going to do today. Activities that he and his brother do are mainly: singing, dancing, going on adventures, playing instruments, and doing whatever Team Sonic is doing. Ferb is the person Phineas hangs out with the most in the Sonic Storm Adventure Series.


Perry the Platypus is another one of Phineas' best friends. When he and Ferb were 5 years old, they adopted Perry because his unfocused gaze made it look like he was looking at both him and Ferb. Now that he knows that Perry is a secret Agent and that he quit the O.W.C.A, he spends more fun and adventurous times with him.


Phineas hears and talks about Sonic almost everyday, hoping one day he and Ferb would meet Sonic in person, despite Jet the Hawks dissaprovel. Phineas admires Sonic and, just like his brother, he loves to hang out with Sonic.

Tails Prower

Phineas is interested into Tails' knowledge and the inventions his knowledge. Whenever he, Ferb, and Tails have some time by theirselves, they build inventions together. They always have a fun time doing so.


Phineas' friends and good friends.


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