Oswald The Lucky Rabbit and The Lion of Oz is set premire sometime after Sonic's Adventures of Wizard of Oz on youtube as part the Sonic Adventure Chronicles series.


This takes place after Oswald The Lucky Rabbit accidently falls out of Dorthoy's house by Daffy and lands somewhere in Oz where Oswald meets the Cowardly Lion before he was cowardly. They team up to save The flower of Oz in order help their friends.


  • On their journey, Loin and Oswald encounter Puffin from The Swan Princess and ave him join them to find the flower
  • This episode is hinted in Sonic's Adventures of Wizard of Oz, When Daffy asked what had happened to Oswald. Oswald replies" It's a very long story"
  • This the first time That Oswald meets Puffin, he will meet him agian in "Sonic's Adventures of The Swan Princess"
  • Also, Oswald meets the Chesire Cat too.
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