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The Title Card for The Sonic Storm Adventure Series First NarutoXHinata Story


Naruto's Date was tyoed by Dracoknight545. It was released on October 20, 2011


Sonic and friends begin to move into the Hidden Leaf Village, where they Naruto and Sakura's friends. Soon they find out that Sonic's pet has gone on the loose. Sonic and Naruto persue after Taz before anyone could hurt.

After saving Naruto's friend Hinata from Taz and the only one getting hurt was Naruto. During a night in the hospital, Naruto begins to realized that Hinata is very attractive and might be in love with by having a fanasty about her. Only to have a rude awakening by Shadow the hedgehog, Naruto tells Sonic, Shadow, Oswald and Tails about his dream about Hinata. Sonic comes up with an idea to ask Hinata out on a date, but Naruto is nervous to ask her. Shadow tells Naruto to think about it as a S-rank mission to help calm down his nerves.

Sonic Naruto left the hospital with Sakura and Oswald. He tells Sakura that he has a mission to do, Sakura seemed confuse about the mission that Naruto only recieved. After going to the Yamanaka Flower shop, Sakura figures out what he was doing after all. When he ask Hinata out on a date tomorrow, Everyone is shocked beside Oswald. After a talk with Ino, Naruto and Oswald return home; the team congradulates Naruto for asking Hinata,

The next day, Sonic helps Naruto out and gives him a pinic basket for his date. Hinata wonder what was taking Naruto so long for their date or he had forgoteen until he found her and told her the truth about why he was late for their date and showed her the pinic that he had laid out for them. After some silly mishaps, Naruto and Hinata began to eat the snadwhiches until it started to rain causing them to head to Ichiraku's ramen shop, a place that Naruto didn't want to take Hinata.

Later on Naruto and Hinata were walking in the park, Naruto was depressed how everything turned out on the date and says bye to Hinata. But Hinata was okay and wanted to stay with Naruto, and jumps on him and tells Naruto. Hinata wanted to stay with him and doing anything he wants to.


  • This takes place after Nancy's Sickness
  • This the first couple story in the Sonic Storm Adventure Series
  • It's revealed that Sonic has a habit of sleeping in the movie theaters
  • Tthere is a reference to the Lion King, which was released in 3d around the time the story
  • The story is based on a NarutoXHinata comic on DeviantArt
  • Nancy was going to appear in it, but became to hard to how to combined two couples in story
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