Maggie the Hedgehog
Maggie is the assistant of Eradicus


Maggie came to Eradicus to kill Sonic and be the new Sonic. Maggie tires to kill him, but he runs too fast.

Sonic's Final Destination 5

She first appeared when she told Eradicus that there is another princess of hearts, Molly, with dark powers inside her. She also appeared when she and Eradicus' minions, Chucky, Bob, Ella, awoken Death and he kills one of Molly's friends. She last appeared when she and Eradicus' minions were about to fight Sam and kidnap Molly, but Nancy fight and got rid of them and Maggie said, "We'll get you next time, Lover Girl!".


She is voiced by Ashley Tisdale

Movies she appears in

  • Sonic's Adventures of Tangled
  • Sonic's Final Destination 5
  • Sonic the Hedgehog meets Thor
  • Sonic meets Zoolander
  • Sonic Storm Adventures of Legion
  • Sonic Storm Adventures of Epic
  • Sonic Storm Adventures of Ender's Game
  • Sonic Storm Adventures of Dishonored
  • Sonic the Hedgehog and Jak 2



  • Maggie is a sadist
  • Maggie calls Nancy "Lover Girl"
  • Maggie runs faster than Sonic