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File:Seal of Mar in hand.pngFile:Sean Bean.jpgFile:Sean Faris.jpg
File:Semi the Bat.pngFile:Senlec.jpgFile:Senlec the Hedgehog.png
File:Serena's father smiling.pngFile:Serena's mother and father.pngFile:Serena's mother smiling.png
File:Serena is confused.pngFile:Serena is worried.pngFile:Serena smiling.png
File:Serena the Hedgehog.pngFile:Sergio Di Zio.jpgFile:Serious sora.jpg
File:Serpentine sketch by r no71 by darkerstrife-d55muvb.pngFile:Sgt Frog Season 3 Episode 15 001 0001.jpgFile:Shadow 06.png
File:Shadow Rise.pngFile:Shadow Rise in MLPEG style.PNGFile:Shadow Rise in adventure time style.PNG
File:Shadow Yukiko appears in P4A.jpgFile:Shadow Yukiko in Adventure Time Style.PNGFile:Shadow and Molly.png
File:Shadow and Molly hanging out.pngFile:Shadow holding Molly's ribbon.pngFile:Shadow touching Molly's face.png
File:Shailene Woodley.jpgFile:Shellos (West Sea).pngFile:ShereKhan.jpg
File:Shizune.jpgFile:Shock the Hedgehog.pngFile:Shut it!.png
File:Si.JPGFile:Silassterne.JPGFile:Simon's Ages.png
File:Simon's look in Sonic Boom.pngFile:Simon.JPGFile:Simon does a thumbs up.png
File:Simon freaking out.pngFile:Simon in Sonic Boom.pngFile:Simon is angry.png
File:Simon is annoyed.pngFile:Simon is confused.pngFile:Simon the Hedgehog.jpg
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File:SkullSatamon.gifFile:Sky.pngFile:Sly the Pied Piper.jpg
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File:Soinc's Adventures Of The Jungle Book.jpgFile:Soinic and Jordan racing against each other.pngFile:Some Party...
File:Sonancy.jpgFile:Sonancy kiss.jpgFile:Sonia 1.png
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File:Sonic's Adventures of Kickassia.pngFile:Sonic's Adventures of Monsters Inc.jpgFile:Sonic's Adventures of Rango.jpg
File:Sonic's Adventures of south Park.jpgFile:Sonic's Ages.pngFile:Sonic's Friends Have a Brain of a Cricket
File:Sonic's Theme (Sonic Storm Adventures version)File:Sonic's adventures of Who Framed Roger Rabbit Poster.jpgFile:Sonic, Lin Chung, Julie and Jak.png
File:Sonic, dead, covering Thomas, unconscious.pngFile:Sonic, hurt, protecting Nancy.pngFile:Sonic, with glasses on, is angry.png
File:Sonic, with glasses on, is annoyed.pngFile:Sonic, with glasses on, is confused.pngFile:Sonic, with glasses on, smiling.png
File:SonicMeetsFelixPoster.pngFile:Sonic 181.pngFile:Sonic Art Assets.png
File:Sonic Art Assets DVD - Sonic The Hedgehog - 7.pngFile:Sonic Boom (Sonic Storm Adventures style) poster.pngFile:Sonic Boom Lyric.png
File:Sonic Colors - Dr Eggman 452 x 599.pngFile:Sonic Eats Mushroom SurpriseFile:Sonic Naruto Ninja Storm 2.jpg
File:Sonic Storm Adventues.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures New Logo.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures Next Generations Poster.png
File:Sonic Storm Adventures Poster.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures Team.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures ending
File:Sonic Storm Adventures of Dishonored 2 poster.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures of Dishonored poster.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures of Divergent poster.png
File:Sonic Storm Adventures of HOTD.jpgFile:Sonic Storm Adventures of I, Frankenstein poster.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures of Ice Age- A Mammoth Christmas.jpeg
File:Sonic Storm Adventures of Kill la Kill poster.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures of Kingdom Hearts II.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures of Monster High Ghouls Rule.png
File:Sonic Storm Adventures of Snow White and the Huntsman.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures of The Hunger Games Catching Fire poster.pngFile:Sonic Storm Adventures of The Hunger Games Mockingjay poster.jpg
File:Sonic Storm Adventures of The Hunger Games poster.jpgFile:Sonic Storm Adventures team.pngFile:Sonic Unleashed (Cameron Version) Poster.jpg
File:Sonic about to kiss back Nancy.pngFile:Sonic almost kicked Jordan.jpgFile:Sonic and Annie looking at Errol.png
File:Sonic and Cammie.pngFile:Sonic and Damas' themeFile:Sonic and Julie's friendship.png
File:Sonic and Julie.pngFile:Sonic and Julie fist pucnh.pngFile:Sonic and Julie glaring.JPG
File:Sonic and Julie ready to fight.pngFile:Sonic and Julie taking a selfie.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy.jpg
File:Sonic and Nancy.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy are about to kiss.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy are speechless.jpg
File:Sonic and Nancy dancing.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy encounter Darkenne.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy kiss in Sonic Storm Adventures of Mockinjay.jpg
File:Sonic and Nancy kissed.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy kissed in spirtes.jpgFile:Sonic and Nancy kissed in the Spargus Desert.png
File:Sonic and Nancy laughing.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy leaning in for a kiss.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy looking.png
File:Sonic and Nancy looking at each other after the kiss.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy reunited with a kiss.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy sitting on a tree.png
File:Sonic and Nancy slow dancing.jpgFile:Sonic and Nancy smiling.pngFile:Sonic and Nancy walking.png
File:Sonic and Nancy watching the stars.jpgFile:Sonic and Phyliss shocked.pngFile:Sonic and Rocky.png
File:Sonic and Sammy.pngFile:Sonic and Sora racing.pngFile:Sonic and Terra hanging out.png
File:Sonic and Terra looking at Damas after they've stopped fighting.pngFile:Sonic and Terra looking at each other.jpgFile:Sonic and Terra looking at each other (In Terra's normal outfit).jpg
File:Sonic and Terra sitting.pngFile:Sonic and Terra talking.pngFile:Sonic and anti-pesto.PNG
File:Sonic and collab by xhannahthehedgehogx-d8sqzrp.pngFile:Sonic and the gang play baseballFile:Sonic backing away from Dark Jak.png
File:Sonic base 10 by m4eb archives-db5kye2.pngFile:Sonic base 11 by crazzy glazi-d49btk0.pngFile:Sonic base 27 oh my gosh by misssilversonicbases-d81so7o.png
File:Sonic base 5 by brouge4ever-d3jamh8.pngFile:Sonic base 9 by brouge4ever-d3v2nev.pngFile:Sonic base eeek wrong room by onetrueshadowfangirl-d3k0wza.png
File:Sonic base heartbroken by kathrine15-d8t824u.pngFile:Sonic boom collab by xhannahthehedgehogx-d8vgswt.pngFile:Sonic boom please sonic collab by xhannahthehedgehogx-d91sqy1.png
File:Sonic carry Nancy.jpgFile:Sonic carrying Annie on his back.pngFile:Sonic carrying Eva.png
File:Sonic carrying Julie.pngFile:Sonic carrying Nancy.pngFile:Sonic carrying Terra.png
File:Sonic catches Annie.pngFile:Sonic chibi wtf base by rannathehedgehog-d55lefn.pngFile:Sonic couple base 4 by sherryblossom-d3fliow.png
File:Sonic couple base i will carry you by debsie911-d771538.pngFile:Sonic couple dance base by rannathehedgehog-d58h5q7.pngFile:Sonic couples base 2 i love you by yesenia62702-dabrhgs.png
File:Sonic couples base hanging out by yesenia62702-dalhwl7.pngFile:Sonic cute couple base by jessythehedgehog01-d7a9z89.pngFile:Sonic dancing with Nancy.png
File:Sonic female base 14 by m4eb archives-db5kya9.pngFile:Sonic female base 21 by xclo basesx-d6gsrjw.pngFile:Sonic female base by rannathehedgehog-d59pk0l.png
File:Sonic female base flirting or falling in love by yesenia62702-daavu2x.pngFile:Sonic female base singing by yesenia62702-daavsyz.pngFile:Sonic female base singing on stage by yesenia62702-daavsyl.png
File:Sonic female base sit and think by manic4everbases-d5qkh5j.pngFile:Sonic force kisses Nancy.jpgFile:Sonic gets hurt.png
File:Sonic girl base by flindsey09-d7bmy9k.pngFile:Sonic grab holds of Nancy.jpgFile:Sonic group base by anniecbases-d54qkst.png
File:Sonic holding Nancy.jpgFile:Sonic holding Nancy.pngFile:Sonic holding Nancy in his arms.png
File:Sonic holding Teresa's child.pngFile:Sonic holding Young Jak.pngFile:Sonic hoodie base by hopelessamyrose-d9f5pyq.png
File:Sonic huggle collab by paige the unicorn-d8mjz4l.pngFile:Sonic in Western Clothes.jpgFile:Sonic in a heart collab requested by paige the unicorn-d814d2g.png
File:Sonic injured kiss collab rq by paige the unicorn-d8wjdnz.pngFile:Sonic kisses Nancy to calm her down.jpgFile:Sonic male base 1 read desc by asecretor2-d5hab5e.png
File:Sonic picking up Pepper.pngFile:Sonic protecting Teresa from Dick.pngFile:Sonic protects Thomas.jpg
File:Sonic protects you collab by paige the unicorn-d945qbt.pngFile:Sonic reaching out for Nancy.jpgFile:Sonic relief to see Nancy safe.jpg
File:Sonic riders female base by daisyhedgehog123-d4usfaa.pngFile:Sonic s final destination 5 by cameron33268110-d4b1eqi.jpgFile:Sonic saves Lucy.jpg
File:Sonic saving Nancy.jpgFile:Sonic saving Nancy.pngFile:Sonic saving Phyliss.png
File:Sonic screaming base by shadamylover7-d305qsl.pngFile:Sonic the Hedgehog.jpgFile:Sonic the Hedgehog and Alice Madness Returns poster.png
File:Sonic the Hedgehog and Jak 2 poster.pngFile:Sonic the Hedgehog and Jak 2 poster 2.pngFile:Sonic the Hedgehog and Jak 3 poster.png
File:Sonic the Hedgehog and Jak 3 poster 2.pngFile:Sonic the Hedgehog and Jak 4 The Darkness Within poster.pngFile:Sonic the Hedgehog and the Nuttiest Nutcracker poster.png
File:Sonic the Hedgehog and the Rise of the Guardians poster.jpgFile:Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sky Warrior.jpgFile:Sonic the Hedgehog goes to Hotel Transylvania.jpg
File:Sonic the Hedgehog in Nevermore.pngFile:Sonic the Hedgehog meets Carrie poster.pngFile:Sonic the Hedgehog meets Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters poster.png
File:Sonic the Hedgehog meets Thor The Dark World.pngFile:Sonic the Hedgehog meets Thor poster.jpgFile:Sonic the Werehog is handcuff in the Land of Death.jpg
File:Sonic touching Nancy's face.pngFile:Sonic watching the sun come up.jpgFile:Sonic with Molly holding Eustaces mellet.jpg
File:Sonic with a passed out Annie.pngFile:Sonic x oc collab by hopelessamyrose-d9z0pf8.pngFile:Sonicace.JPG
File:Sonicboom.jpgFile:Sonicchannel supersonic nocircle.pngFile:Sonicclaudia.JPG
File:Sonicnaruto shippuden movie1poster.pngFile:Sonicned.JPGFile:Sonicteam2011.png
File:Sonnancyinthenight.jpgFile:Sonus, Erin and Goomer.pngFile:Sonus.png
File:Sonus is really angry of what Master Xehanort has done.pngFile:Sonus is sad.jpgFile:Sonus looking.jpg
File:Sonus with Sonic.pngFile:Soos.pngFile:Sophia Bush.jpg
File:Sophie.pngFile:Sora's New Look.pngFile:Sora's dark transformations.png
File:Sora's look in Sonic Boom.pngFile:Sora's new transformation.pngFile:Sora's oath.png
File:Sora.JPGFile:Sora.pngFile:Sora & Dominick fusion (sonic boom version).png
File:Sora KHII.pngFile:Sora Running Sonic boom.pngFile:Sora Running warp speed Sonic boom.png
File:Sora after the Dark Eco injection.jpgFile:Sora and Dominick fuse into Sornick.pngFile:Sora and Nicole hugging.png
File:Sora and Tails reunion hug.pngFile:Sora and tristan by mrgamerandwatcher-d6j62sd.pngFile:Sora and tristan racing by mrgamerandwatcher-d6jhfyi.png
File:Sora begins his escape with Jak and Sonic.jpgFile:Sora being restrained.jpgFile:Sora being serious.jpg
File:Sora blushing.pngFile:Sora confest his feelings for Nicole.pngFile:Sora dragging Brutus.png
File:Sora escaping by mrgamerandwatcher-d6kpjaw.pngFile:Sora hiding.pngFile:Sora holding Kiki.png
File:Sora holding a Chaos Emerald.pngFile:Sora holding a crying Nicole.pngFile:Sora in Sonic Boom.png
File:Sora in a cell.pngFile:Sora in prison.pngFile:Sora in tears.png
File:Sora in the Krimzon Guard Fortress.pngFile:Sora is angry.pngFile:Sora is confused.jpg
File:Sora is shocked.pngFile:Sora is upset.pngFile:Sora kissing Nicole.png
File:Sora laughing.pngFile:Sora observed his Dark Eco powers.pngFile:Sora playing guitar.png
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