My wolf character for sonic by thunderwolf1925-d4p08kq

Lobe The Wolf

Lobo The Wolf is a fan character made by thunderwolf1925 for a new character for Dracoknight545 can use.


He is anthro-wolf with dark gray and white fur. His shoe design is similar to Shadow the hedgehog. He has red eyes and white marks on his eye brows.

His hands are covered by a pair of red fingerless gloves. Due that he uses a bow staff as his main weapon. He is able to play the flute, he plays it at night.


Lobo is the silent-type likes to keep to himself until Sonic and his friends meet him. He still keeps to himself, but is bit more open to his new friends.


  • Lobo has haterd toward Dr. Eggman
  • He's a great fisherman
  • Lobo is an animal expert, he even us a eagles or hawks to sent messages to his allies
  • Lobo is a great friend of June. He is also friends of Elsa and Anna.
  • Lobo will guest star in Sonic Storm Adventures of Frozen. He'll return in Sonic Storm Adventures of Frozen Fever. At the end, Lobo leaves Arendelle to join the Freedom Fighters as part of a promise to Sonic.
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