Karen and Spiral

Karen and her best friend Spiral

Karen is the daughter of Sora and Kairi from the year 2030. She is 14 yrs old, her film debut in the Sonic/Phantom Beast film.

Personality and Characteristic from her parents

Karen has both personalities of Sora & Kiari. She shows more of her dad's personality than her mother. Rarely, She does show some of her mother's personality. She wears a white tank top, with a black black jacket over the tank top. Her shoes are black with yellow sole and laces which resembles Sora's shoe colors. She wear these special red and blue waist bands.

Time-Traveler Keyblade Weilder

Like her parents. Karen is able to weild the keyblade. Her keyblade is a called "Of Time and Space". this keyblade resemble parts of Dialga and Palkia's armor. She depends of the "The Guardian of Time and Space" aka Celebii to help her travel through time. Her parther is a spikey-ear Pikachu called Spiral that she had save from a gang of Primape.

Karen's Pokemon Team



Spiral, a spiked-ear Pikachu

Spiral is Karen's first pokemon since she was 8. She had resuced him from a group of angry Primapes. When, she was 10, Karen decided to travel with Spiral as her partner and best friend. Unknown to Karen, Spiral has a special power yet to be revealed.

002Ivysaur Dream

Flora the Ivysaur

Karen's Second pokemon that she owns. Before, she obtained this pokemon,Flora was a theif usng her vines to steal fruit and goodies from the market place. The whole town attempt many times to capture this ivysaur for long time until Karen arrive in town with Spiral. One night as Karen and Spiral wee having some riceball in the park, Ivysaur attempted to steal their food, but Spiral managed to shock it. Ivysaur began to battle until Ivysaur grew tired and fled. Karen and spiral chased after it. Until, They discovered


  • She is a Fan-made character made by Dragonpage
  • Her body desgin is similair to female trainer in Pokemon Black and White]
  • Her Brother Zack is based off the male trainer