Holly, A friend of Daffy

Holly is a young woman from Daffy's past. She and Daffy are close friends. She only appears in the story "Daffy's Old Friend", but is referenced in Sonic's Adventures of All Dogs go to Heaven and Sonic's Adventures of The Princess and The Frog.

Personality & Appearance


Her personality is alosmt similars to Daffy's expect she a bit smarter than him. But the only they both have in common is that they are horrible managing money and this caused her child to be hostage by Carface since she has a debt as well


Holly wears a green shirt with a white long skirt with a pair of blue shoes and long white socks. She has long brown hair with a red headband.



  • Her child is a girl that almost looks like her expect she prefers the color of light blue and her hair is shorter than her mom was.
  • She owns a Fearow to help her travel