Hikari's Day Out is a future Story that is set to be out in 2012. It will be typed by Dracoknight545


Conan,Ahiru, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Tom and Jerry are in charge of watching Naruto and Hinata's 1 yr old daughter Hikari while they are out to dinner and everyone else is out. Once Hikari escapes the house, the hilarous comedy begin as Conan and the others try to save Hikari from dangerous situations and bring her home before Naruto and Hinata get home. Can they get her home before it' too late.


  • The story is based on the movie, Baby's day Out
  • There some influences to the Tom and Jerry cartoons, Tot Watchers and Busy Buddies
  • Daffy, Charlie and Tom get hurt the most in the story
  • Daffy joinsConan and Ahiru after Hikari seeks into a Hunters convention, unknowing to Daffy who thought it was a Duck Convention
  • Daffy sings Daffy's Rhapsody in this story
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