Hide and Seek, Ransom for The Hokage's Daughter is a story to be written by Dracoknight545 on deviantart. It was requested by tigerman531.


While Naruto and Hinata are spending the day together, The other members of Team Sonic are left in charge of Hikari. However, Hikari tries to hide somewhere outside in hopes of playing hide and seek. But this little game gets a little too exciting when Carface and Killer captures Hikari in order to make a ransom for money and revenge, which forces our heroes to try and save her.


  • Guest Starring:
    • Sora
    • Donald Duck
    • Goofy
    • Riku
    • Kairi
    • Sgt. Keroro
    • CatDog
  • Also featuing Pete, Carface, Killer, The Greaser Dogs
  • Pete uses two Iron Kongs to stop Sonic and the others, one being controled by The Greasers and the other one is controlled by Pete
  • Hikari is fours years old in this story
  • Ahiru's Meowth duels agianst Carface and Killer and it's learned that Meowth and The Liger Zero have a special connection
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