Fang is one of the "bird kids" and a member of the Flock. Although his real age and the rest of the flock's is unknown, he, Iggy, and Max consider themselves to be fourteen or older. He is described as "a dark shadow come to life" and can become invisible or otherwise turn the color of his surroundings if standing still long enough. If he moves, he will become visible again. He has olive skin, black eyes and black hair. Max frequently refers to him as her "right-wing man", and comments at certain points that she trusts Fang the most out of all the Flock members. Fang is described as being slightly stronger than the rest of the Flock, though in battle he frequently takes near-fatal wounds. He is assumed to have raven DNA due to his wing color ("pitch black but purple in the light") and size (ravens have enormous wings in comparison to their bodies). He has a crush on Maximum.

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