Egg Dragoon, Ninetails and Orochi's Power Unleashed is the 13th chapter for Sonic Generations. It's release date is unknown.


Modern Sonic and Naruto go through another strange gate after Hinata and Nancy were kidnapped by the Time Eater in the previous chapter. In there, they find Eggman in his Egg Dragoon ready to fight, before they attack Eggman. Eggman decides to have fun with Sonic and Naruto's girlfriends by shocking them when ever Sonic and Naruto make a hit on the Egg Dragoon. Sonic and Naruto begin to get angry by Eggman's tortures, but manage to keep their cool and decide to save them by using the chakra of their beast to stop the machine and resuce Hinata and Nancy.

After beating Eggman agian, The Time Eater kidnaps Eggman like before which confuses both Classic and Modern Tails and Sakuras.


  • This chapter's plot had to be re-written to do to Sonic Storm Adventures of Naruto Shippuden
  • This marks to the first time that Sonic and Naruto uses the charka of Orochi and Kurama's Yang charka (The Golden yellow charka or in Sonic's case, Aquateal colored chakra)
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