Drake the Shonobi Ninja in his normal form

Thundara Drake

Drake in his Thundarian form


Drake is an orginal character created by Dracoknight545. He is from the same village as Naruto and Sakura.


Drake is level-minded and quite intellgent, bt sometimes he can be very head-strong like Naruto. He and his friend Lauren work together on mission with their mascot Kyubi a Vulpix.

Thundara Drake

One day, Drake and Lauren was sent to explore a mysterious temple form Lady Tsunade and he discovers a sword stucked into a rock and he pulls it and become a ThunderCat ninja. In this form, his abilities are increased and his glasses disappeared due to his increased eye sight and his outift is altered for Drake to use his new abilities. In this form, he able to run faster than before and is able to control a higher charaka level since this form he is able to use more chakara



Drake and Sonic are good friend and they like to hangout.


To Drake, they are best friends since they were kids. But Lauren has a crush on Drake like Shizune.


To Drake, he see Shizune as a friend. But, Shizune has a crush on Drake since they were kids.


Drake consider Naruto to be his rival despite the rank difference and sometimes dual.


  • This character is Dracoknight in the series
  • Drake's Thundarain form is based on Dracoknight's favorite cat, a bobcat