DeathEgg Returns, Past Clashes is the fourth chapter of Sonic Generations. It was released in December


Sonic and Naruto enter the strange gate find that Eggman is here with them alos they run into their past selves. Past Sonic and Naruto work together and defeat the DeathEgg.

After defeating DeathEgg, Sonic and Naruto encountered a someone in a black robe. The person tells them that they have to work together with their future selves.

Once out of there, Both Sonics and Narutos meet up with both Tailses an Sakuras. They realized they're traveling through time and space. So both present and past Sonic and Narutos team up to help save time and space

Past Naruto finds out that he and Hinata will become a couple, but doubts unlike Past Hinata who had fainted twice (Once for seeing Present Naruto and the other time after seeing Present Naruto and Hinata kissing in front of them). Past Sakura askes Present Sakura about Sasuke, but the Time Eater ruins the moment and our heroes are off to save the day.

Characters that appear in the Chapter

  • Modern Sonic
  • Past Sonic
  • Modern Naruto
  • Happy
  • Past Sakura
  • Modern Sakura
  • Modern Hinata
  • Past Hinata
  • Daffy
  • Past Tails
  • Modern Tails
  • Eggman (Voice)
  • ???


  • Both Past and Present Forms of Team Sonic have meet expect Hinata.
  • The identiy of the person in the black cloak is yet to be reveal
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