Daffy Duck

Daffy Sheldon Duck is Bugs Bunny's best friend. Ego-maniacal and unapologetically flawed. He is consider to the distraction guy on the Team or the goof-up person.

Personality & Appearance


Daffy is portrayed as a self-obsorbed, yet secretly insecure duck and has ridiculous schemes that always life more interesting and very complicated. He also is prone to jealousy. Daffy is non intellegent. Daffy is very extreme when he plans something.


Daffy is a North American Black Duck. He has a white ring around his neck.


  • Daffy isn't very bright and it cause him to get into a lot of trouble
  • Daffy is one of Scrooge McDuck's nephew, and he is try to see who will get his fortune whne Scrooge kicks the bucket
  • Daffy has a history of lying and getting hurt
  • In Sonic Chronicle episode, "Vaction Resort", Daffy tries to woo Selena Gomez but fails and Sonic wins. Also, he gets beatten up by her guard
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